brooklyn promenade engagement

Emily and Phil's DUMBO Engagement

I'd like to start out by saying Emily and Phil are just plain awesome. When Emily first emailed me in regards to scheduling their engagement session she blatantly asked for "non-cheesy engagement photos." This line utterly spoke to me; clearly we were meant to be. The three of us met for a beer in their neighborhood to discuss their vision. I could see right away these two were goofy, real, and totally in love. I couldn't wait for our Brooklyn Heights/DUMBO adventure. 

Day of, we started at their apartment and took a walk to the promenade. From there, we walked down to DUMBO and had a blast hanging out by the gorgeous murals and in front of all the iconic sights. Emily and Phil were particularly thrilled with Deborah Kass's OY sculpture, which Gothamist advised against engagement photos with, but we ignored their advice much to our pleasure (seriously, we got the quintessential Brooklyn mood with OY and balloons, argue that Gothamist!) 

Overall, we are all thrilled with the end result, and I am psyched for their wedding in DC in March 2017! Thanks for finding me Emily and Phil - you two rock!