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Sarah and Dan's Berkshire Wedding

One of the most exciting aspects of being a wedding photographer is traveling. On October 1st, 2016, I traveled to the Lennox Massachusetts to photograph Sarah and Dan's amazing wedding. Sarah was raised in the area, but she and Dan live in Brooklyn New York. Being from England, all of Dan's friend's and family crossed the Atlantic ocean to celebrate with the couple. These two are so charming and lovely together, it doesn't surprise me in the least that so many people would come far distances to be with them on their special day. 

Thank you to my second shooter, the very talented Kathryn Cooper
This wedding took place at the stunning Seven Hills Inn, Lenox Massachusetts. 

Shelby and Ed's Wedding

Shelby and Ed were married on June 25th, 2016 in Montgomery New York. My second shooter Jennifer Hockenberry and I had the best day watching such a happy and fun wedding unfold before our eyes! We were so thrilled to witness such a happy couple celebrate the coming together of their families. Some of my favorite details from the day include; Ed's son Jayden's break dancing moves, and Shelby's dad's AMAZING and perfectly restored '67 Oldsmobile as the newlywed car. Everything was so photogenic and perfect, and I am so honored to have captured these beautiful memories. 

The day didn't start so smoothly! Ed spent the morning at the local Urgent Care after loosing his voice completely. Amazingly he powered through! Jen and I met with them a few hours later, beginning with getting ready. Shelby and her closest ladies convened at her parent's home in Montgomery. Ed and his family were nearby at the Holiday Inn Express. Next we met for their first look at Winding Hills Park. I loved how Shelby and Ed stood back to back, hand in hand, still for a moment before their unveiling. Soon after immediate families arrived and we covered some group portraits. 

Next we drove down the road back to where Shelby got ready. I took advantage of the beautiful property and captured some more portraits. Soon after, we were on our way to Brick Reformed Church. I loved the warm, homey atmosphere and ambient light. Afterwards, Shelby and Ed packed into the '67 Oldsmobile and drove off to the reception venue, cheering as they sped off.

After the ceremony, the reception began further down the road at Spruce Lodge. As soon as we arrived the party started. The dance floor was immediately over powered by Jayden's ridiculous (and surprisingly talented) break dancing moves. The momentum never stopped. I particularly loved Shelby's sister Danielle's speech. She needs to consider standup. 

The night ended with a hilarious impromptu performance made by Shelby's cousin. The floor was packed with dancers clapping along to the music when suddenly the floor parted like the Red Sea - her cousin scooted down the floor, on his butt, somehow rhythmically! I was impressed. After dozens of weddings, I have never seen anything like it. 

Thank you to Shelby and Ed for trusting me to capture your amazing day. 

DJ and Photobooth services provided by DJ E Rock Entertainment.
Makeup by Meghan C. Esposito.




A Winter Mini Session!

After crazy meteorological reports, New York City was pretty much stopped at a halt today for Winter Storm Juno. With the lack of reliable public transportation, us Brooklynites were stuck home with only 6" of snow on the ground. Despite the predicament, I was inspired by the snowfall and had to take advantage of the lovely backdrop. Today I photographed my great friends Ashley and Brett in our neighborhood of South Slope Brooklyn. We walked along Green-Wood Cemetery with their pit mix Mason while enjoying the winter weather. Only two blocks from our shared block, we found beautiful scenic places to stop and take photos.

My mini session rates are $250 for up to one hour - please email me at to check my availability!

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Bernadette and Anthony's Wedding!

When I photographed Bernadette and Anthony's engagement session earlier this year, I quickly learned that these two share an adventurous spirit and thirst for the outdoors. Their wedding on Friday, October 17th, perfectly exemplified their mutual love of nature and excitement. Set at beautiful Hunter Mountain in upstate New York, wedding guests and the party itself all made their way to the ceremony site - 3,200 feet above sea level - via the ski lift! Up on top of the mountain, with the fall foliage as a magnificent backdrop, the two tied the knot. Back down at regular elevation, a fabulous party followed at the Copper Tree Restaurant where DJ Lee Waddell kept the dance floor hopping.

Congratulations to Bern and Ant, may your lives be full of blue skies, lush landscapes and adventure together!

Floral arrangements were made by Teddi's Flower Shoppe in Catskill New York.

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Christine and David's Wedding

On Sunday October 12th, I had the honor of photographing Christine and David's wedding at the Brooklyn Marriott's Legends Ballroom. An intimate gathering of close friends and family, the evening was a celebration of a couple that has stayed together through thick and thin. During the sole toast of the night, best man Jesse honored their devotion to one another through David's two open heart surgeries over the course of 18 months. To know what these two have dealt with together is truly inspiring and has laid the foundation for what promises to be a most solid marriage.

Congratulations to Christine and David, I wish you a lifetime of health and happiness together <3

Special thanks to my second shooter Sam Hyatt.

Excellent entertainment and lighting design provided by Crossing Midnight Entertainment.

Christine's dress was created by Rebecca Schoneveld in Brooklyn.

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Denise and Steve's Wedding!

On Saturday September 27th, at Crabtree's Kittle House in Chappaqua New York, I was fortunate to photograph the amazing wedding of Denise and Steve. Despite the recent loss of Denise's lovely sister, Laura Ruchala, the two families joined together to celebrate the love these two share. Being the musician that she is, Denise did not disappoint in her musical selections. During the ceremony, Denise's band the Westchester Ceremonial Brass quintet elegantly played in the background; throughout the cocktail hour, a ukelele strummed along; over the course of the reception, The Matt Hilgenberg Orchestra kept the party alive with amazing tenacity! There truly was never a dull moment!

One of my favorite aspects about this wedding actually happened the night before. Earlier this year, Steve was on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and it magically aired on the eve of their nuptials! While I don't have a link to the airing at the time of posting, I highly recommend asking Steve about it personally as it is quite entertaining to hear about!

Cheers to these two wonderful and deserving people, and thank you for having me on your special day <3

Hair and makeup by the tremendously talented Celeste Von Damon.

Floral arrangements created by Whispering Pines of Chappaqua.

Special thanks to my wonderful assistant/second shooter Steve Warren.

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Curtis and Erin's Wedding

Over Labor Day weekend, I shot my first destination wedding. Erin and Curtis decided to host their wedding in a unique country home housing great architectural details and modern art overlooking the Green Mountains in Vermont. Surrounded by an ever present group of people coming and going over the course of the weekend, they were able to have fun while setting up for the big event in a relaxed environment. On Sunday August 31st, as rain poured down over the entire East Coast, the festivities soared at the estate. As Erin descended down the stairs in the wedding dress she made herself, making her first appearance a collective ahhh came from all of those anxiously watching from below. In the kitchen her sister Mel diligently worked on the wedding cake. After their first look, Erin and Curtis agreed to host the ceremony under the large tent due to the rain. As guests moved along outside they enjoyed spirits hand crafted by their distillery friend which flowed in abundance. A portable wood firing oven prepared delicious pizza from local Burlington eatery American Flatbread.  Despite the dampness, the guests and their dogs celebrated the couple in full excitement. Married by close friend and artist, Travis Iurato, the couple read their handwritten vows in a laid back ceremony honoring their love and mutual sense of adventure. Special thanks to my backup photographer Samantha Seeley of Sweet Remedy for her assistance and company during the course of the weekend. I'd also like to acknowledge that all of the beautiful centerpieces, boutonnieres, and Erin's bouquet were all made with love by Curtis' mother. Enjoy! 014 008 012 013 016 079 082 081 019 080 027 029 030 031 034 035 087 036 038 039 098 100 099 101 105 089 109 112 050 056 051 061 115 117 119 120 123 125 129 131 133 155 156 075 072 138 166065 137 164 161 167 074 077                                        177 078 185 192 065   194

Eliza & Erik's Wedding!

On Saturday August 16th, in Greenville New York, Eliza and Erik were married in the most magical backyard wedding imaginable. This was easily the most DIY wedding I've ever attended. The dress was lovingly made by Eliza's mother, the cake made by the bride herself. A gorgeous huppah made from foraged brush was the backdrop for the ceremony. Under the tent, tie dyed fabric formed a lively bunting banner. If that is not enough DIY for you, the beer of the night was brewed by Erik and his father, and all of the floral arrangements were picked from the flower garden Eliza planted for this purpose. Their efforts into creating a most awesome event were unmatched!






Julia and Evan's Wedding!

On June 21st, 2014 at the Flath family farm along the Delaware Water Gap, Julia and Evan were married. You may remember these two from the engagement session I shared back in May taken at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

For those that know the couple, it's easy to say that the entire event truly embodied them. Performative and eco conscious, their wedding covered so many aspects of their personality and interests. From the locally sourced food provided by Fig Tree Market & Catering, the gorgeous repurposed wedding dress that originally belonged to Julia's great aunt (expertly tailored by Sandra Usherov in Brooklyn) to all of the live performances (a choir! an acoustic cover of the Jayhawks' song "All The Right Reasons"! an original piece performed by the bride and groom! a jazz trio!) as well as an excellent DJ (email for more info) - it was an all encompassing masterpiece. 

While I could go on forever about how much I enjoyed covering this event, I'll let the photos from the day do the talking. 

Special thanks to my second shooter Teresa Stanton for her beautiful contribution to this post.