Sam and Joe's Beacon Engagement Session

I will preface this by saying this isn't my typical engagement session. I love connecting with my clients and that's part of the beauty of my mission as a photographer, to learn about the couple's relationship and to portray it authentically. In this instance, I am photographing engagement portraits of my best friend of 25 years and her amazing fiancee. 

When Sam started dating Joe in 2012, I was ready for them to become engaged and have them in front of my camera then. I sensed in the beginning that these two were in it for the long haul and I'm so glad that is the case. When you know someone as well as Sam and I know each other, you only hope the highest for their choice in their significant other, and Joe has not disappointed anyone. 

Since Sam and Joe live in the Hudson Valley, it was important for them to have a local session. We decided that exploring Beacon would be an excellent backdrop. Sam is a photography professor at SUNY Orange, and Joe works there as well - the artsy vibe of Beacon suited them perfectly. 

In September, I will be their maid of honor, so I was thrilled to be able to do this session for them since I'll be busy on their big day. I suggested a handful of amazing photographer's for them to look at and I'm so excited that Sam chose Michelle over at Wandermore Photography to capture their wedding day! 

David and Christine's Engagement Session



When Dave asked me to be the photographer for his wedding and engagement, I was thrilled. I met him nearly ten years ago at SUNY Orange, the first college I attended. A few years later, after I transferred to the School of Visual Arts, I had the pleasure of seeing Dave again, there, at my second college. At SVA, Dave, a painter and graphic artist, met Christine who was studying animation. That was eight years ago. In the span of their relationship these two have endured a lot together; most notably, the two open heart surgeries Dave has had in the last 18 months. 

While Dave is home recovering from his second operation, Christine works as a Spirits Manager at Whiskey and Wine Off 69. Together, these two share an apartment with their Boston Terrier, Buster; their gorgeous cat, Lily, two chinchillas and a blind rabbit! When I first visited these two at home for our consultation, I was overwhelmed by the cuteness. 

We chose to spend the majority of our session in historic Green-Wood Cemetery, just blocks from where they live in Windsor Terrace. Interesting fact: Dave has family that are permanent residents on the grounds of the place he had his engagement session - strange but true! Enjoy! 



IMG_9743-Recovered IMG_9420 IMG_9426 IMG_9460 IMG_9481-Recovered IMG_9512-Recovered IMG_9522 IMG_9566 IMG_9615 IMG_9666 IMG_9690 IMG_9713IMG_9808 IMG_9842     

Julia and Evan's Very Green Engagement Session

  Julia and Evan have been residing together in Brooklyn for three years. A fundraiser for the Rainforest Alliance, Julia spends her free time performing as a singer/songwriter and chronicling her eco conscious lifestyle at her blog Color Me Green. Evan is a software developer and musician that plays in two rock bands.


I met up with them at Grumpy Cafe, a local coffee shop that Evan insists has the best espresso in the city. From there, we strolled through iconic Park Slope and Prospect Park West, before we made our way into Prospect Park. North bound, we exited the park at Grand Army Plaza and perused the weekly farmer's market. Finally, we headed east to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, the location where Evan proposed to Julia late last summer.


Come June, I will be photographing their wedding on Evan's family farm in New Jersey. Stay tuned for more gorgeous photos of this lovely couple!

















Curtis & Erin's Greenpoint Engagement Session

As we walked around Greenpoint today, Erin, Curtis and I all mused about how a good day can be measured by how many dogs you meet on the street. Following this structure, we can all agree that this engagement session went really well. Strolling around Greenpoint, we amused ourselves by creeping on every single dog we passed (in antique cars! on stoops with elderly folk! on a string coming out of a church!) and taking notice of the change of graffiti, restaurants and the general landscape since they moved from Frankin Street two years ago. IMG_4537IMG_4556 IMG_4569 IMG_4576 IMG_4588 IMG_4595 IMG_4604 IMG_4691 IMG_4696 IMG_4720 IMG_4746 IMG_4770 IMG_4822 IMG_4852 IMG_4899 IMG_4910 IMG_4923 IMG_4928 Kuma



Bern and Anthony's Engagement Session!






One of my favorite things about what I do is that I get to experience happy couples in their element. My engagement session with Bern and Anthony on Saturday exemplified this to the max. Bernadette found me through our mutual friend, Vickie, which assured me I would adore them from the get go. We met early in the morning at the Pawling Nature Reserve off of a winding dirt road meandering around a body of water. I waited for Bern and Anthony in a little parking lot, feeling isolated due to the tall trees and lack of cellphone service. Suddenly a nice solid pickup truck arrived and I knew immediately that snaking back roads were common place for these two. Proving themselves to be both adventurous and goofy, it was a pleasure to hike the trails and become fast friends with them! My favorite quote of the morning was when Anthony decided to break down a branch for them to sit on next to a waterfall and exclaimed "I wish I had my axe!" After we spent some time at the reserve, we took a ride back to their beautiful house to take some photos with their beloved pit bull, Conan. Our lovely two hours really set the stage and inspired me for their upcoming Hunter Mountain wedding in September!









Image IMG_3468 IMG_3495






















Cait & Josh's Engagement Session

Yesterday I followed my best friend Caitlin and her fiancee Josh through Sullivan and Orange County on an adventure to celebrate their engagement. We started the day in Rock Hill, where they currently live, and moved our way south to the Basha Kill Wetlands, followed by Josh's hometown of Middletown, NY. The day started out blustery and cold, but proved a perfect setting for photos, particularly at the Basha Kill. I'm amazed by the beauty of nature and the love and maturity my friend's share in these photos, and the great time we had together. IMG_1465

















Ashley and Brett's Engagement Photos

I've been looking forward to Ashley & Brett's engagement session since they became engaged back in June, on a double date with my boyfriend and I. Having such awesome friends (who are also neighbors!) has been so fulfilling and fun. We all met at the dog park (Daisy and Mason are BFF) early this spring and have quickly become amazing friends. To have been there the night they became engaged, and to have shared in their joy and excitement, truly made me look forward to this shoot. I couldn't be happier with how these photos - which started on our block in South Slope, migrating into Park Slope, and finally hitting Brooklyn Heights just before the sun set - came out.  

We also worked on some secret shots that Brett is using to make a Save-the-Date postcard. Once they send that out to their guests, I'll be sure to post about the final product- I can't wait! I should mention, Brett is an amazing illustrator, so you should check out his work here.


Starting out on their stoop.



Next we climbed to the roof of our friends Alexia & Joe's apartment.



Ashley wanted to get a photo outside the apartment they first shared together (which is still Brett's favorite lunch spot!)

I knew I wanted to photograph them at our neighborhood bar, The Double Windsor. I really love this photo of Ashley!

The Dixon bike shop mural on Union Street was our next stop.


Then we thought we'd stop by Park Slope's weirdest house, the pepto pink brownstone on Garfield Place.


Ever since they first met, Ashley has been telling Brett she wanted engagement photos done at Love Lane in Brooklyn Heights.

Right as the sun was setting, we stopped off at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, just overlooking the spot on Brooklyn Bridge Park where Brett proposed.



Diane and Mike's Engagement Session

Back in February, I spent a few hours with my friend Diane and her fiance, Mike, wandering around their neighborhood of Fort Greene, Brooklyn, capturing their love and excitement for their fall 2012 wedding. It was super cold out, but you'd never guess because we warmed ourselves up with tea and put on extra pairs of socks and carried on our effortless photo shoot. Taking Diane and Mike's photos was ridiculously easy - they're so at ease with one another I'm pretty sure they forgot I was even there, it was perfect. [gallery]