My DIY Engagement Photos

I have been with my fiancé, Josh, for over nine years. Sadly, he hates having his photo taken despite the fact that he's stunning (I know I'm biased, but it's true.) Photographing couples and engagements are my favorite subjects, and I have had it in my mind for years now that I would attempt to photograph my own engagement photos. I never bothered to tell Josh this of course, knowing he'd shy away from the idea. In fact, when we hired our wedding photographer (my super talented friend Michelle of Wandermore Photography) I let her know that we'd be forgoing an engagement session (I know, I know, this is typically not a good plan. Engagement sessions are the perfect time to become comfortable with your photographer and know that you'll love your images from your wedding day) - but in our defense, we're already friends and know we're in good hands. 

A few years ago, Josh and I were at Photoville and came across the Penumbra Foundation, a nonprofit photo studio specializing in tintypes. I made him promise me on the spot that when we were finally engaged, we would get a tintype done there for our save the dates. The day finally happened late last fall, and we had an amazing experience having our portrait taken. We were even invited into the darkroom to watch the image develop, it really was magical. 


Our tintype from Penumbra Foundation! 

Our tintype from Penumbra Foundation! 

Anyway, that brings us to today. It's Easter and it's 85* here in Brooklyn. I had it in my mind that Josh and I could go on a picnic or something fun at the beach. Then my mind wandered back to that challenge I had given myself years ago: attempting my own engagement photos. Josh and I agreed to go to Jacob Riis Park/Fort Tilden in the Rockaways. I nonchalantly told him that maybe I'd take some photos of us. I decided making it super casual was the best way to go about it. Neither of us dressed up, we were completely ourselves. We hiked along the water and abandoned fort, stopping along the way at places that inspired me. I used the self timer on my camera along with a tripod, and it was tricky! Josh was a team player and would let me take one or two shots at each place I wanted. I took no more than 10 images, and was pleased with 4 of them. Since the midday sun was so intense, I couldn't see the screen on the back of my camera, so I never truly knew if a photo worked or not, but I just rolled with it. 

Here are the images I'm proud of!