Ashley's Head Shots!

I just finished working on the first set of head shots I'm really thrilled about - I took these a while back for my beautiful actress sister, Ashley. Ash has submitted a few from this shoot to various gigs and received call backs, so it's excellent to know my efforts paid off! We had originally settled on three or four images, but I knew there were a few handful more that deserved looking at again. Here are the selects from Ashley's head shots - fun fact, it was actually raining during this shoot, but you'd never know!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

An anniversary party.

This weekend was really exciting for my family. My Aunt Gigi and Uncle Michael celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a lovely party on the sunniest, most festive day in July. Gigi gave a moving renewal of their vows, and everyone was nearly in tears. This party was particularly special because our Georgia family came up for the event. I personally haven't seen my little cousins in four years, so it was wonderful to spend time with everyone. Grandma was incredibly excited to have so many of her grandchildren in one place, all at the same time. Check out these photos from Gigi and Uncle Michael's party! [gallery columns="4" orderby="post_date"]

Diane and Mike's Engagement Session

Back in February, I spent a few hours with my friend Diane and her fiance, Mike, wandering around their neighborhood of Fort Greene, Brooklyn, capturing their love and excitement for their fall 2012 wedding. It was super cold out, but you'd never guess because we warmed ourselves up with tea and put on extra pairs of socks and carried on our effortless photo shoot. Taking Diane and Mike's photos was ridiculously easy - they're so at ease with one another I'm pretty sure they forgot I was even there, it was perfect. [gallery]