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Dottie Dog

For anyone that follows me on Facebook, you've probably read about the emaciated, wounded, all around neglected pup my friends found a week ago today in Park Slope. Being the compassionate people that they are, Ashley and Brett tried tirelessly to find a no-kill shelter to take in the dog. Unfortunately, due to the terrible snow NYC had received, all of the local rescues were unable to take her in. Knowing that if they surrendered her to Animal Control, she'd be put down, they quickly decided to bring Dottie to their veterinarian to have her condition accessed. From appearances only, once could see that she had a gaping wound the size of a silver dollar on her hip that was hindering her mobility, along with a mass on her front left paw, and evidence of being severely starved for a long period of time. Aside from that, it was clear that she had carried at least one litter of puppies within the not so distant past. Over the week that it's been since she was found, Dottie has received veterinary care four times. Knowing from the get-go that this was going to be costly, Ashley and Brett set up a GoFundMe account on Wednesday to receive assistance for the mounting vet bill. I took some cute photos of her to be shared on the funding site, along with her Facebook page. Within a day, they exceeded their goal of $5,000 from the generosity of people all over the world.

This Wednesday, Dottie will be spayed, she will have the dead tissue around her wound removed and be stitched up, and doctors will remove a foreign object embedded in her stomach wall. After her recovery, Ashley and Brett will accept applications for her adoption. Inquiries can be sent to

When I met her Monday night, I cried. I whispered in her ear, as she laid her head in my hands "today is the luckiest day of your life Dottie girl." Little did she know that Ashley and Brett were off getting her a dog crate, ready to bring her into their home without flinching. Thursday afternoon, when I saw the results of her fundraising, I cried again. This sad eyed, spotted, sweet creature has moved me so much. On top of whatever she's been through, the generosity of the public and Ashley and Brett's unwavering dedication to her have inspired me more than anything else I've experienced firsthand. To celebrate Dottie's new beginning, I took these photos of her Saturday.


IMG_9342 IMG_9363 IMG_9428 IMG_9433 IMG_9454 IMG_9500 IMG_9503