Denise Ruchala

Denise and Steve's Wedding!

On Saturday September 27th, at Crabtree's Kittle House in Chappaqua New York, I was fortunate to photograph the amazing wedding of Denise and Steve. Despite the recent loss of Denise's lovely sister, Laura Ruchala, the two families joined together to celebrate the love these two share. Being the musician that she is, Denise did not disappoint in her musical selections. During the ceremony, Denise's band the Westchester Ceremonial Brass quintet elegantly played in the background; throughout the cocktail hour, a ukelele strummed along; over the course of the reception, The Matt Hilgenberg Orchestra kept the party alive with amazing tenacity! There truly was never a dull moment!

One of my favorite aspects about this wedding actually happened the night before. Earlier this year, Steve was on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and it magically aired on the eve of their nuptials! While I don't have a link to the airing at the time of posting, I highly recommend asking Steve about it personally as it is quite entertaining to hear about!

Cheers to these two wonderful and deserving people, and thank you for having me on your special day <3

Hair and makeup by the tremendously talented Celeste Von Damon.

Floral arrangements created by Whispering Pines of Chappaqua.

Special thanks to my wonderful assistant/second shooter Steve Warren.

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