Brooklyn wedding photographer

Julie and Christina's Queer Guerrilla Wedding

On Saturday January 7th, I photographed the most gloriously offbeat wedding I've witnessed to date.

Back in 2015 I met Julie and Christian and later did a lovely picnic themed engagement session for them in Prospect Park. At our initial consultation, we hit it off instantly. We talked about our shared neighborhood, animals, art and inspiration. I remember asking Christina if they had a gender pronoun they preferred me to use and I'm pretty sure that gesture on my end sealed the deal for us to work together and become easy friends. They knew I respected them fully, and they could be themselves with me. I knew that since they're both artists, they would be a joy to work with and an honor to represent their relationship. 

Flashforward to the end of 2016: I received an email that after their long engagement, Julie and Christian decided they wanted to get married during the Obama administration. Like many queer couples, they felt concerned that their rights as a couple may be in jeopardy and wanted to enter into marriage during a presidency that they felt represented by. Because time was ticking away, they planned what they dubbed a guerrilla wedding to take place along the Chelsea Highline. I had never participated in anything like this before and was completely in to capture their day.

And so on January 7th 2016 a major snowstorm hit New York City. It was apparent that having an outdoor ceremony wasn't going to be a possibility, so in true guerrilla spirit, they decided to make due with their hotel room at The Jane. We had a first look in the amazingly quirky lobby of the hotel and made our way outside to seize the wild weather into a photo opportunity. When we returned from our expedition, their guests had all arrived in their hotel suite. All of their friends piled on the bed and lined up around the perimeter of the room and somehow managed to all fit - it was an amazing sight to see!