Curtis & Erin's Greenpoint Engagement Session

As we walked around Greenpoint today, Erin, Curtis and I all mused about how a good day can be measured by how many dogs you meet on the street. Following this structure, we can all agree that this engagement session went really well. Strolling around Greenpoint, we amused ourselves by creeping on every single dog we passed (in antique cars! on stoops with elderly folk! on a string coming out of a church!) and taking notice of the change of graffiti, restaurants and the general landscape since they moved from Frankin Street two years ago. IMG_4537IMG_4556 IMG_4569 IMG_4576 IMG_4588 IMG_4595 IMG_4604 IMG_4691 IMG_4696 IMG_4720 IMG_4746 IMG_4770 IMG_4822 IMG_4852 IMG_4899 IMG_4910 IMG_4923 IMG_4928 Kuma



The Merker, Williams & Martini Family Reunion!

Yesterday I was hired by my dear friend Ashley to photograph her family reunion. Held in Union Beach NJ, I took a ride with Ash and her husband Brett 45 minutes out of the city to celebrate the Merker side of her family. The oldest of four daughters, Ashley's immediate family is always a blast to hang out with, and her extended family didn't disappoint either. I truly had a wonderful day spent with a most excellent group of people (and amphibians!) all of whom are incredibly fun and photogenic. 




The Merkers. Alexa, Laura, John, Ashley, Amanda and Alli.
The entire group!


Grandma Laura's immediate family.



Steph rescued this diamondback terrapin turtle in Hurricane Sandy wreckage, right after it hatched. Next month, she is bringing it to a terrapin rescue in Cape May so it will be safely be reintroduced into the wild.


Can you tell she's a nanny?


Westchester Ceremonial Brass

Recently, my friend Tim wrote to me asking if I'd be able to photograph a quintet he plays in. Knowing what a talented musician Tim is, I was quite looking forward to the shoot. The group, called Westchester Ceremonial Brass, is a five piece band that specializes in events and weddings. I was fortunate enough to to have a private concert of sorts, since they were recording pieces to use on their website. While they were playing Bach, I closed my eyes and imagined how great they would be at an elegant wedding or cocktail party. My favorite part however, was hearing a cover of the Beatles "All You Need Is Love" which was a perfect example of how diverse and talented Westchester Ceremonial Brass is. Skilled in the classics to classic rock, Westchester Ceremonial Brass would be an amazing personal touch to so many events.

If you're interested in booking WCB for a wedding or event, you can email Denise at wcbrass@gmail.com or visit their website.













Stephanie & Nic's Central Park Engagement Shoot!

This past Sunday was the most beautiful fall day I've experienced here this season; it's been such a wild ride in New York lately with all of the crazy weather and I feared we wouldn't have any days like this left this year. I was incredibly lucky to share the sunshine and fall colors with a newly engaged couple that I immediately liked, Stephanie and Nic. Sharing a mutual friend, I had a feeling we'd get along great. Stephanie is a lawyer by day (often defending artists!) and a singer/song writer in her spare time. She shared with me this video of a recent performance that I think captures her beauty and charisma perfectly. Nic is an architect/designer who is so talented, he has actually exhibited at both MoMA and Guggenheim. Stephanie and Nic's creativity and love for each other was almost palatable, and left me in awe. After each shoot, I said out loud "lovely" until I was literally annoyed with my redundancy. Since Nic proposed to Stephanie in Central Park, we decided to spend the day checking out their favorite spots and visiting the reservoir where Nic proposed. Take a look at these magical photos documenting a LOVELY day.


My personal favorite!

Spot Nic proposed!

Stephanie almost slipped!

But Nic helped her regain her balance.

Outside of Guggenheim, where Nic once exhibited.

Lady and the Tramp style.

Steps of The Met, where Stephanie composed herself after Nic proposed.

Ashley and Brett's Engagement Photos

I've been looking forward to Ashley & Brett's engagement session since they became engaged back in June, on a double date with my boyfriend and I. Having such awesome friends (who are also neighbors!) has been so fulfilling and fun. We all met at the dog park (Daisy and Mason are BFF) early this spring and have quickly become amazing friends. To have been there the night they became engaged, and to have shared in their joy and excitement, truly made me look forward to this shoot. I couldn't be happier with how these photos - which started on our block in South Slope, migrating into Park Slope, and finally hitting Brooklyn Heights just before the sun set - came out.  

We also worked on some secret shots that Brett is using to make a Save-the-Date postcard. Once they send that out to their guests, I'll be sure to post about the final product- I can't wait! I should mention, Brett is an amazing illustrator, so you should check out his work here.


Starting out on their stoop.



Next we climbed to the roof of our friends Alexia & Joe's apartment.



Ashley wanted to get a photo outside the apartment they first shared together (which is still Brett's favorite lunch spot!)

I knew I wanted to photograph them at our neighborhood bar, The Double Windsor. I really love this photo of Ashley!

The Dixon bike shop mural on Union Street was our next stop.


Then we thought we'd stop by Park Slope's weirdest house, the pepto pink brownstone on Garfield Place.


Ever since they first met, Ashley has been telling Brett she wanted engagement photos done at Love Lane in Brooklyn Heights.

Right as the sun was setting, we stopped off at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, just overlooking the spot on Brooklyn Bridge Park where Brett proposed.



Ashley's Head Shots!

I just finished working on the first set of head shots I'm really thrilled about - I took these a while back for my beautiful actress sister, Ashley. Ash has submitted a few from this shoot to various gigs and received call backs, so it's excellent to know my efforts paid off! We had originally settled on three or four images, but I knew there were a few handful more that deserved looking at again. Here are the selects from Ashley's head shots - fun fact, it was actually raining during this shoot, but you'd never know!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Looking Back at Fall Family Sessions!

The day after Thanksgiving last year, I was double booked for family sessions. I started the day out by working with some of my extended family, photographing a birthday party they were having for my cousin Madison. My great Aunt is awesome and loves themes, so she had everyone wear white t-shirts and blue jeans. I spent a few hours photographing the various families and had a mini shoot with the lovely birthday girl. It was a great way to kick off the day.  

Afterward, I had an extra special assignment. One of my best friends passed away a few years ago (crazy to even realize...it had been just over 3 years when I did this shoot) and I've stayed in contact with his mother. Diane welcomed her first biological grandchild the year before and wanted me to come meet Denton's niece and photograph the family for her older son's birthday. It was really moving spending time with her and her family. I was fortunate enough to actually be given Denton's 35mm camera after he passed away, and promised myself I wouldn't use it until I had the chance to take photos of his family with it. So that afternoon I used both my Canon 5d (digital) camera, along with Denton's film camera.

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Diane and Mike's Engagement Session

Back in February, I spent a few hours with my friend Diane and her fiance, Mike, wandering around their neighborhood of Fort Greene, Brooklyn, capturing their love and excitement for their fall 2012 wedding. It was super cold out, but you'd never guess because we warmed ourselves up with tea and put on extra pairs of socks and carried on our effortless photo shoot. Taking Diane and Mike's photos was ridiculously easy - they're so at ease with one another I'm pretty sure they forgot I was even there, it was perfect. [gallery]