Party in Rock Hill

Last Saturday night, an hour and a half north of New York City, I attended an excellent party as a guest. Caitlin, one of my best friend's ever, invited me to a benefit at our friend Galilee's house. Typically, I wouldn't post snapshots or personal photos on my blog, as I consider this to be a place to describe my professional work, but this night was special. Galilee's husband, John, is a talented guitar player and singer. At their gorgeous lakefront house in Rock Hill New York, they host a benefit party/performance every few months to donate proceeds to local charities. Knowing this, I brought a bottle of wine to donate to the bar, and left $10 at the door, excited to see what the night would bring.








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Westchester Ceremonial Brass

Recently, my friend Tim wrote to me asking if I'd be able to photograph a quintet he plays in. Knowing what a talented musician Tim is, I was quite looking forward to the shoot. The group, called Westchester Ceremonial Brass, is a five piece band that specializes in events and weddings. I was fortunate enough to to have a private concert of sorts, since they were recording pieces to use on their website. While they were playing Bach, I closed my eyes and imagined how great they would be at an elegant wedding or cocktail party. My favorite part however, was hearing a cover of the Beatles "All You Need Is Love" which was a perfect example of how diverse and talented Westchester Ceremonial Brass is. Skilled in the classics to classic rock, Westchester Ceremonial Brass would be an amazing personal touch to so many events.

If you're interested in booking WCB for a wedding or event, you can email Denise at or visit their website.













Production Shots For Mud/Bone Collective

Last weekend, Kerry Huang, the Executive Director/Artistic Director of the Mud/Bone Collective reached out to me regarding an upcoming show the group had been working on, The Subtle Body by Megan Campisi. A one night only show, I was asked to come photograph the final dress rehearsal before the curtains went up. My sister Ashley is an actress who graduated from ETW at Tisch, so I have a bit of production shot experience from all of her projects and thought it would be fun to work on. I wasn't disappointed. Being the last twenty minutes or so before the doors opened to the theater, it was an exciting rush. Everything was in full swing and I jumped right in. Looking back at the experience, I was quite impressed with the overall production value displayed by Mud/Bone; the costumes, set and lighting design were thoughtfully executed and looked great, every detail was polished and ready to go. To learn more about Mud/Bone Collective, visit their website here.

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