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A Winter Mini Session!

After crazy meteorological reports, New York City was pretty much stopped at a halt today for Winter Storm Juno. With the lack of reliable public transportation, us Brooklynites were stuck home with only 6" of snow on the ground. Despite the predicament, I was inspired by the snowfall and had to take advantage of the lovely backdrop. Today I photographed my great friends Ashley and Brett in our neighborhood of South Slope Brooklyn. We walked along Green-Wood Cemetery with their pit mix Mason while enjoying the winter weather. Only two blocks from our shared block, we found beautiful scenic places to stop and take photos.

My mini session rates are $250 for up to one hour - please email me at to check my availability!

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Logan's First Birthday Party!

Last Saturday, I traveled to the Jersey Shore to photograph the amazing 1st birthday party for a lucky little guy named Logan. Surrounded by adoring family and friends, Logan welcomed his first year in immaculate Dr. Seuss style. His lovely parents, Amanda and Danny, threw the most spectacular themed party I've personally ever attended. Amanda's attention to detail was obvious everywhere you looked; exciting centerpieces exhibiting custom paper goods created by Rose Garrett, an entire room full of Dr. Seuss themed games, hand drawn illustrations (and photo booth) in the style of Dr. Seuss made by Danny, a gorgeous multi-tiered Seuss cake made by Amanda's sister Stephanie, [] as well as life-size balloon sculptures of The Cat In The Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, and others made by Perfect A Party. Logan was thrilled! His face lit up the moment he came into the space, and he clearly had a great time throughout the whole party. 002 011 017 018 022 023 027 034 052 062 089 095 133 141 168

Farewell Crown Heights Family Session!

On Father's Day, I had the honor of photographing a family that I've become close to over the last year. Little Mei, her mom Rie, her baby sister Asia (Ah see ah) and dad Luca have become good friends through my time spent in Crown Heights. Amazingly for them, a move to Hawaii is on the horizon for their family! While I selfishly feel sad that I won't be able to spend time with my friends, I am incredibly excited for their new chapter (and really, I just imagine Mei becoming the most perfect little hulu girl ever!) IMG_9279 IMG_9304 IMG_9395

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Central Park Family Session


Sunday afternoon's family session in Central Park was a ton of fun. It's rare that I get to photograph multiple generations of a family, let alone one with international relatives. Sachiko contacted me to commemorate her parent's visit to New York from Japan. This was an exciting occasion for little Hana, as both sets of her family live in different countries, Jamaica and Japan respectively. Hana is a true ball of energy, and certainly kept me on my toes! Running around Central Park and documenting their time spent together was lovely!

IMG_5635 IMG_5659 IMG_5686 IMG_5720 IMG_5761 IMG_5769 IMG_5788 IMG_5831 IMG_5855 IMG_5872 IMG_5879 IMG_5908 IMG_5930 IMG_5950 IMG_5993 IMG_6002 IMG_6030 IMG_6043 IMG_6072

Penny and Family at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens


Saturday morning I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my favorite families at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.  Just over a year ago, I photographed newborn Penny with her awesome parents, Colleen and Andy. Capturing the energy of the family was so refreshing; the three of them are incredibly fun loving and spirited together.


Growing up, Colleen's father use to photograph his family at the local Botanic Gardens every Easter. It was an honor to carry on this tradition for Penny, Andy and Colleen.



Maternity Session in Grand Rapids Michigan!

To celebrate my boyfriend's 30th birthday, we traveled to Grand Rapids Michigan to see our Midwestern friends and family. While we were visiting, I was able to squeeze in a maternity session with Josh's best friend Shane, and his wife Heather. We last saw them in August, the same day they adopted their Chow German Shepherd mix, Misha. On our last day during that visit, they closed on their first house! It was awesome to be with them during all of these major life events a few months ago, and to see them again, this time with Heather's bump showing, was incredibly exciting. Of course we're hoping to make it back to Grand Rapids shortly after their daughter comes in February, so stay tuned for a follow up newborn session with the Schamper family!


IMG_8823 IMG_8831 IMG_8839 IMG_8845 IMG_8865 IMG_8879 IMG_8896 IMG_8906 IMG_8915 IMG_8928 IMG_8952

The Ryan Family's Mini Session

This photo session was a gift from me, to my very deserving friends Amber and Dan. To say that this was important for me to do for them is an understatement. I met Dan in preschool, probably 25 years ago; we've known each other forever. Amber and I have been friends since middle school, our friendship ranging from student government, camping in the woods and making pottery together. Four and a half years ago, when they were getting married, they hired me for my first wedding shoot, starting me on the path that I am on to this day for which I am incredibly thankful for. When I learned that Dan is going to be serving our country later this month, I knew I wanted to celebrate their family together with them and to create photos to ease their year apart. IMG_8836

IMG_8848IMG_8855 IMG_8949 IMG_8953 IMG_8990  IMG_9052  IMG_9071 IMG_9087 IMG_9102 IMG_9129



Baby Mia!

A little over a year ago, I photographed the wedding of Ashlee and Tim. When I learned they had a baby just before their anniversary, I knew I needed to pay them a visit. Not only was it wonderful to catch up with a couple that I really enjoy, it was amazing to see such a tiny person with so much personality! At only 3 months old, Mia has character. Strong willed and funny, she was a joy to photograph. IMG_4852
























Penny at two weeks old!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to meet the loveliest two-week-old baby, Penny. Born to my friend Colleen and her charming husband Andy, Penny is as precious as they come. It was incredibly exciting to see their brand new family function together; Andy and Colleen exhibited perfect team work during outfit changes and keeping Penny engaged, and she was her happiest snuggled up next to her parents. While editing this shoot, I was overwhelmed by the family's radiant energy and happiness, which I hope I captured in these photos. ImageImageImage


Michigan Mini Session!

Last week, my boyfriend Josh and I did something we haven't done during the 4.5 years we've been together - we went to his hometown in Michigan for a holiday. Being out there is relatively rare for us, we usually only head to Grand Haven once a year, so our friends Stu and Mary decided it was a perfect time to score a mini session photographing their family. Robbie was born the week Josh and I met, so seeing him age is mind blowing to me. He is the best of both of his parents - Stu is incredibly witty and smart (he's an electrical engineer!) and Mary is vivacious and creative. We explored the Grand Rapids Public Museum, which was quite impressive for a city museum. Robbie loved checking out the exhibits and goofing around and we all had fun spending time together.

Asa's mini session!

Today I did a 45 minute mini session in DUMBO on my lunch break. My friend is Asa's nanny and wanted to have photos done for his mom's birthday. I'm pretty sure she'll be excited about these - Asa is so photogenic! Despite Hurricane Sandy, we were able to get in to Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is definitely one of my favorite places to photograph in Brooklyn. Check out Asa's birthday gift to his momma!

H. Family Preview!

Right before I went on vacation, I worked on a super fun shoot for my friend Risa's extended family. Risa, her mom Gay and stepdad Bill, and her four step siblings and their families were my subject. I drove up to the Rockland County/NJ border to Gay and Bill's new house. Her family lives all over, so having everyone (except her sister-in-law, Jessica) in one place was a big event. I spent the afternoon coordinating family shoots and capturing candid moments - it was a blast. The best part was definitely all of the grandkids! Three out of four of Risa's siblings have daughters under a year old. They all had wonderful personalities and were beyond cute. Image Corinna gives Josie a kiss on the cheek.

Image Billy, Erin, Claire, Risa & Danny.

Image Corinna, Josie, Owen, Lahna, Elise & Juliette.

Image Corinna and Jason are totally twins.

Image My personal favorite photo of the day. 

Image I'm not exaggerating when I say Josie is the most enthusiastic clapper I've ever met! She was so happy and literally clapped in almost all of the photos I took of her!

Image Gay, Risa, Diana and Bill.

Image Risa and Diana are the cutest.

Image Greg & Owen play a little catch.

Image Danny and Lahna!

Image Claire, Owen & Greg.

Image Owen was running around barefoot.

Billy surrounded by his lovely ladies.

So pretty!

An anniversary party.

This weekend was really exciting for my family. My Aunt Gigi and Uncle Michael celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with a lovely party on the sunniest, most festive day in July. Gigi gave a moving renewal of their vows, and everyone was nearly in tears. This party was particularly special because our Georgia family came up for the event. I personally haven't seen my little cousins in four years, so it was wonderful to spend time with everyone. Grandma was incredibly excited to have so many of her grandchildren in one place, all at the same time. Check out these photos from Gigi and Uncle Michael's party! [gallery columns="4" orderby="post_date"]

Looking Back at Fall Family Sessions!

The day after Thanksgiving last year, I was double booked for family sessions. I started the day out by working with some of my extended family, photographing a birthday party they were having for my cousin Madison. My great Aunt is awesome and loves themes, so she had everyone wear white t-shirts and blue jeans. I spent a few hours photographing the various families and had a mini shoot with the lovely birthday girl. It was a great way to kick off the day.  

Afterward, I had an extra special assignment. One of my best friends passed away a few years ago (crazy to even had been just over 3 years when I did this shoot) and I've stayed in contact with his mother. Diane welcomed her first biological grandchild the year before and wanted me to come meet Denton's niece and photograph the family for her older son's birthday. It was really moving spending time with her and her family. I was fortunate enough to actually be given Denton's 35mm camera after he passed away, and promised myself I wouldn't use it until I had the chance to take photos of his family with it. So that afternoon I used both my Canon 5d (digital) camera, along with Denton's film camera.

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