Logan's First Birthday Party!

Last Saturday, I traveled to the Jersey Shore to photograph the amazing 1st birthday party for a lucky little guy named Logan. Surrounded by adoring family and friends, Logan welcomed his first year in immaculate Dr. Seuss style. His lovely parents, Amanda and Danny, threw the most spectacular themed party I've personally ever attended. Amanda's attention to detail was obvious everywhere you looked; exciting centerpieces exhibiting custom paper goods created by Rose Garrett, an entire room full of Dr. Seuss themed games, hand drawn illustrations (and photo booth) in the style of Dr. Seuss made by Danny, a gorgeous multi-tiered Seuss cake made by Amanda's sister Stephanie, [] as well as life-size balloon sculptures of The Cat In The Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, and others made by Perfect A Party. Logan was thrilled! His face lit up the moment he came into the space, and he clearly had a great time throughout the whole party. 002 011 017 018 022 023 027 034 052 062 089 095 133 141 168

Party in Rock Hill

Last Saturday night, an hour and a half north of New York City, I attended an excellent party as a guest. Caitlin, one of my best friend's ever, invited me to a benefit at our friend Galilee's house. Typically, I wouldn't post snapshots or personal photos on my blog, as I consider this to be a place to describe my professional work, but this night was special. Galilee's husband, John, is a talented guitar player and singer. At their gorgeous lakefront house in Rock Hill New York, they host a benefit party/performance every few months to donate proceeds to local charities. Knowing this, I brought a bottle of wine to donate to the bar, and left $10 at the door, excited to see what the night would bring.








IMG_5793IMG_5874 IMG_5866 IMG_5852  IMG_5809


Brooklyn Baking Party

When I was invited to participate in my friend Alexia's baking party, I was conflicted. I've never been one to bake, and since I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia 14 years ago, I've managed to control the little sweet tooth I have. That being said, I still wanted to visit, so I offered to come by with my camera and watch everyone else bake. In all honesty, I walked away feeling slightly inspired and wound up making a vegan chocolate cake when I got home. Since I wasn't occupied baking at the baking party, I took some nice photos to document it instead. Image This is the result of a great tutorial Alexia found on Pinterst for Mason Jar air fresheners.


Image Alexia's kitten, Penny, was fixed yesterday.

Image Even though I haven't any room or use for it, I'm slightly jealous of her gorgeous grey Kitchenaid.

Image With four baking projects happening in one room, Ashley made space on the old fashioned radiator.



Image Alexia demonstrates why she should have floured her hand first.

Image Pumpkin scone batter. Image

Image Adorable herb garden on Alexia's ledge.

Image Robin takes out her pumpkin muffins.

Image Cranberry pumpkin muffins!

Image Jackson is all about them.

Image Beth shows off Ashley's no-cook freezer banana sandwiches.

ImagePenny relaxes in the sunset.