A Winter Mini Session!

After crazy meteorological reports, New York City was pretty much stopped at a halt today for Winter Storm Juno. With the lack of reliable public transportation, us Brooklynites were stuck home with only 6" of snow on the ground. Despite the predicament, I was inspired by the snowfall and had to take advantage of the lovely backdrop. Today I photographed my great friends Ashley and Brett in our neighborhood of South Slope Brooklyn. We walked along Green-Wood Cemetery with their pit mix Mason while enjoying the winter weather. Only two blocks from our shared block, we found beautiful scenic places to stop and take photos.

My mini session rates are $250 for up to one hour - please email me at to check my availability!

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Christine and David's Wedding

On Sunday October 12th, I had the honor of photographing Christine and David's wedding at the Brooklyn Marriott's Legends Ballroom. An intimate gathering of close friends and family, the evening was a celebration of a couple that has stayed together through thick and thin. During the sole toast of the night, best man Jesse honored their devotion to one another through David's two open heart surgeries over the course of 18 months. To know what these two have dealt with together is truly inspiring and has laid the foundation for what promises to be a most solid marriage.

Congratulations to Christine and David, I wish you a lifetime of health and happiness together <3

Special thanks to my second shooter Sam Hyatt.

Excellent entertainment and lighting design provided by Crossing Midnight Entertainment.

Christine's dress was created by Rebecca Schoneveld in Brooklyn.

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D'Ambrosio-51D'Ambrosio-52 D'Ambrosio-55 D'Ambrosio-56 D'Ambrosio-58 D'Ambrosio-69 D'Ambrosio-70 D'Ambrosio-76 D'Ambrosio-83 D'Ambrosio-86 D'Ambrosio-96 D'Ambrosio-116 D'Ambrosio-118D'Ambrosio-123  D'Ambrosio-93D'Ambrosio-134 D'Ambrosio-135 D'Ambrosio-143  D'Ambrosio-178 D'Ambrosio-197 D'Ambrosio-202 D'Ambrosio-216 D'Ambrosio-217  D'Ambrosio-229 D'Ambrosio-240 D'Ambrosio-264 D'Ambrosio-279 D'Ambrosio-302 D'Ambrosio-304 D'Ambrosio-315

David and Christine's Engagement Session



When Dave asked me to be the photographer for his wedding and engagement, I was thrilled. I met him nearly ten years ago at SUNY Orange, the first college I attended. A few years later, after I transferred to the School of Visual Arts, I had the pleasure of seeing Dave again, there, at my second college. At SVA, Dave, a painter and graphic artist, met Christine who was studying animation. That was eight years ago. In the span of their relationship these two have endured a lot together; most notably, the two open heart surgeries Dave has had in the last 18 months. 

While Dave is home recovering from his second operation, Christine works as a Spirits Manager at Whiskey and Wine Off 69. Together, these two share an apartment with their Boston Terrier, Buster; their gorgeous cat, Lily, two chinchillas and a blind rabbit! When I first visited these two at home for our consultation, I was overwhelmed by the cuteness. 

We chose to spend the majority of our session in historic Green-Wood Cemetery, just blocks from where they live in Windsor Terrace. Interesting fact: Dave has family that are permanent residents on the grounds of the place he had his engagement session - strange but true! Enjoy! 



IMG_9743-Recovered IMG_9420 IMG_9426 IMG_9460 IMG_9481-Recovered IMG_9512-Recovered IMG_9522 IMG_9566 IMG_9615 IMG_9666 IMG_9690 IMG_9713IMG_9808 IMG_9842     

Farewell Crown Heights Family Session!

On Father's Day, I had the honor of photographing a family that I've become close to over the last year. Little Mei, her mom Rie, her baby sister Asia (Ah see ah) and dad Luca have become good friends through my time spent in Crown Heights. Amazingly for them, a move to Hawaii is on the horizon for their family! While I selfishly feel sad that I won't be able to spend time with my friends, I am incredibly excited for their new chapter (and really, I just imagine Mei becoming the most perfect little hulu girl ever!) IMG_9279 IMG_9304 IMG_9395

benchIMG_9491 IMG_9510 IMG_9539 IMG_9571 IMG_9622 IMG_9686 IMG_9703   IMG_9764




Sometimes, if you're lucky, in the wake of a tragedy something beautiful can unfold. A month (to the day) after Dottie's passing, a beautiful golden dog showed up in the front lawn of one of Dottie's supporters in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Megan, a passionate supporter of Dot's journey, came across the large bloodied pup laying in her front yard. Obviously injured; Megan knew that animal control wasn't an option. Moving quickly, she and her fiancee loaded the dog into their brand new car (that they literally got the day before!) and hauled to the nearest 24/7 vet. Knowing that Ashley would be a proactive contact, Megan got in touch with her right away. Within hours, Ashley was sharing the story of this dog with her network of fans from Dottie's Facebook page. Immediately, Ashley touch based with Kristin, a friend and neighbor that was originally interested in adopting Dottie. (Sadly, Dot wasn't able to be placed in Kristin's care as she didn't get along well with Kristin's pug, Fenway.)

As it turns out, the dog (Megan was calling her Grace at the time) had been hit by a car and suffered moderate abrasions.  When she was released from the hospital, Grace went straight to Kristin's home with her husband Joe, son Josiah, and Fenway. During the last ten days, Grace (renamed Asha, sanskrit for "Hope") settled into her new home flawlessly.

I decided I wanted to photograph Asha and her family (rescue family and forever home) to celebrate such a happy ending. It's been hard to comprehend the loss of Dottie, and Asha's story brings me some resolve, personally. All of the efforts from Dottie's rescue laid the path to saving Asha, and that in itself is a major inspiration to me.

To Megan and Tim for their swift compassion, to Kristin, Joe, Josiah and Fenway for opening their home to this lucky lady, to the Affrunti's for setting the stones and putting everything in motion, and most importantly, to Asha, who truly couldn't be luckier.


IMG_6090 IMG_6133


IMG_6194IMG_6319 IMG_6315 IMG_6233 IMG_6238 IMG_6261 IMG_6268 IMG_6289 IMG_6214 IMG_6209 IMG_6197    IMG_6125 IMG_6127




Julia and Evan's Very Green Engagement Session

  Julia and Evan have been residing together in Brooklyn for three years. A fundraiser for the Rainforest Alliance, Julia spends her free time performing as a singer/songwriter and chronicling her eco conscious lifestyle at her blog Color Me Green. Evan is a software developer and musician that plays in two rock bands.


I met up with them at Grumpy Cafe, a local coffee shop that Evan insists has the best espresso in the city. From there, we strolled through iconic Park Slope and Prospect Park West, before we made our way into Prospect Park. North bound, we exited the park at Grand Army Plaza and perused the weekly farmer's market. Finally, we headed east to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, the location where Evan proposed to Julia late last summer.


Come June, I will be photographing their wedding on Evan's family farm in New Jersey. Stay tuned for more gorgeous photos of this lovely couple!

















Remembering Dottie

Writing and publishing this post is not easy for me. For those that haven't followed the story, I've been very active in supporting my close friends and neighbors Ashley and Brett Affrunti who found a dog on the streets of South Slope in the middle of a major snow storm back in February. This beautiful creature, Dottie, was terribly abused, emaciated and ill. During the 59 days they had her, the Affrunti's nursed Dottie back to health from incredibly trying ailments such as Lyme Disease, kidney failure and a huge gaping wound on her rear end. With the help of a supportive online community, they raised enough funds to treat all of these issues and bring awareness to Dottie's journey. Hundreds of people were involved in Dottie's recovery, rooting for her along the way. After 9 long weeks, Dottie was finally ready to be adopted. On her adoption day, I spent some time with the Affrunti's and Dot Face, taking some lovely photos before we went to bring her to her new home. When we arrived at her forever home, Dottie was clearly thrilled. The love in the air between the family and Dot was palatable.

Immediately after we left, an unimaginable tragedy took place where Dottie escaped the safety of her enclosed gate and was fatally struck by a car. A complete accident, the loss of Dottie's life deeply affected all of us involved.

The only comfort in Dottie's passing has come from the outpouring of support from the community. To know that those of us closest to Dot aren't the only ones remembering her legacy and mourning her loss truly has made a world of difference.

Ten days after her passing, the Affrunti's hosted a memorial in Dottie's honor at Prospect Park. Various local people that followed Dot's story showed up to remember her loving nature and journey. We lined two trees with photos of Dottie and hung Tibetan prayer flags. On the table stood Dottie's official portrait from the 66 Dogs Project along with homemade dog treats Ashley baked. Everything came together perfectly.

Looking back at the story of Dottie is both terribly sad and amazingly inspiring. Dottie represents all of the countless dogs that are put down every single day in our country that deserved loving homes. Her appreciative manner and calm demeanor are traits that are often forgotten about in bully breed dogs. Ashley and Brett Affrunti's unwavering care for Dottie throughout the 9 weeks she existed in their life is a testament to what a difference shelter, food, and a loving home can do for an animal in need. The unparalleled emotional and financial support from people in our community is like the old adage "It takes a village." And lastly, the love Dottie received from both the Affrunti's and her adoptive family is overwhelming. For a dog that may never have experienced love in the years leading up to her rescue, it is moving to realize Dottie felt all the love she truly deserved at the end of her life.

It's impossible for me to articulate the extent of love and care Dottie received from both the Affrunti's and the community during her 59 days in Brooklyn, I sincerely hope these photos are able to convey that which my words lack.


















Curtis & Erin's Greenpoint Engagement Session

As we walked around Greenpoint today, Erin, Curtis and I all mused about how a good day can be measured by how many dogs you meet on the street. Following this structure, we can all agree that this engagement session went really well. Strolling around Greenpoint, we amused ourselves by creeping on every single dog we passed (in antique cars! on stoops with elderly folk! on a string coming out of a church!) and taking notice of the change of graffiti, restaurants and the general landscape since they moved from Frankin Street two years ago. IMG_4537IMG_4556 IMG_4569 IMG_4576 IMG_4588 IMG_4595 IMG_4604 IMG_4691 IMG_4696 IMG_4720 IMG_4746 IMG_4770 IMG_4822 IMG_4852 IMG_4899 IMG_4910 IMG_4923 IMG_4928 Kuma



Penny and Family at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens


Saturday morning I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my favorite families at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.  Just over a year ago, I photographed newborn Penny with her awesome parents, Colleen and Andy. Capturing the energy of the family was so refreshing; the three of them are incredibly fun loving and spirited together.


Growing up, Colleen's father use to photograph his family at the local Botanic Gardens every Easter. It was an honor to carry on this tradition for Penny, Andy and Colleen.



Penny at two weeks old!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to meet the loveliest two-week-old baby, Penny. Born to my friend Colleen and her charming husband Andy, Penny is as precious as they come. It was incredibly exciting to see their brand new family function together; Andy and Colleen exhibited perfect team work during outfit changes and keeping Penny engaged, and she was her happiest snuggled up next to her parents. While editing this shoot, I was overwhelmed by the family's radiant energy and happiness, which I hope I captured in these photos. ImageImageImage


Asa's mini session!

Today I did a 45 minute mini session in DUMBO on my lunch break. My friend is Asa's nanny and wanted to have photos done for his mom's birthday. I'm pretty sure she'll be excited about these - Asa is so photogenic! Despite Hurricane Sandy, we were able to get in to Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is definitely one of my favorite places to photograph in Brooklyn. Check out Asa's birthday gift to his momma!

Brooklyn Baking Party

When I was invited to participate in my friend Alexia's baking party, I was conflicted. I've never been one to bake, and since I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia 14 years ago, I've managed to control the little sweet tooth I have. That being said, I still wanted to visit, so I offered to come by with my camera and watch everyone else bake. In all honesty, I walked away feeling slightly inspired and wound up making a vegan chocolate cake when I got home. Since I wasn't occupied baking at the baking party, I took some nice photos to document it instead. Image This is the result of a great tutorial Alexia found on Pinterst for Mason Jar air fresheners.


Image Alexia's kitten, Penny, was fixed yesterday.

Image Even though I haven't any room or use for it, I'm slightly jealous of her gorgeous grey Kitchenaid.

Image With four baking projects happening in one room, Ashley made space on the old fashioned radiator.



Image Alexia demonstrates why she should have floured her hand first.

Image Pumpkin scone batter. Image

Image Adorable herb garden on Alexia's ledge.

Image Robin takes out her pumpkin muffins.

Image Cranberry pumpkin muffins!

Image Jackson is all about them.

Image Beth shows off Ashley's no-cook freezer banana sandwiches.

ImagePenny relaxes in the sunset.

Ashley and Brett's Engagement Photos

I've been looking forward to Ashley & Brett's engagement session since they became engaged back in June, on a double date with my boyfriend and I. Having such awesome friends (who are also neighbors!) has been so fulfilling and fun. We all met at the dog park (Daisy and Mason are BFF) early this spring and have quickly become amazing friends. To have been there the night they became engaged, and to have shared in their joy and excitement, truly made me look forward to this shoot. I couldn't be happier with how these photos - which started on our block in South Slope, migrating into Park Slope, and finally hitting Brooklyn Heights just before the sun set - came out.  

We also worked on some secret shots that Brett is using to make a Save-the-Date postcard. Once they send that out to their guests, I'll be sure to post about the final product- I can't wait! I should mention, Brett is an amazing illustrator, so you should check out his work here.


Starting out on their stoop.



Next we climbed to the roof of our friends Alexia & Joe's apartment.



Ashley wanted to get a photo outside the apartment they first shared together (which is still Brett's favorite lunch spot!)

I knew I wanted to photograph them at our neighborhood bar, The Double Windsor. I really love this photo of Ashley!

The Dixon bike shop mural on Union Street was our next stop.


Then we thought we'd stop by Park Slope's weirdest house, the pepto pink brownstone on Garfield Place.


Ever since they first met, Ashley has been telling Brett she wanted engagement photos done at Love Lane in Brooklyn Heights.

Right as the sun was setting, we stopped off at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, just overlooking the spot on Brooklyn Bridge Park where Brett proposed.



Diane and Mike's Engagement Session

Back in February, I spent a few hours with my friend Diane and her fiance, Mike, wandering around their neighborhood of Fort Greene, Brooklyn, capturing their love and excitement for their fall 2012 wedding. It was super cold out, but you'd never guess because we warmed ourselves up with tea and put on extra pairs of socks and carried on our effortless photo shoot. Taking Diane and Mike's photos was ridiculously easy - they're so at ease with one another I'm pretty sure they forgot I was even there, it was perfect. [gallery]