Shelby and Ed's Wedding

Shelby and Ed were married on June 25th, 2016 in Montgomery New York. My second shooter Jennifer Hockenberry and I had the best day watching such a happy and fun wedding unfold before our eyes! We were so thrilled to witness such a happy couple celebrate the coming together of their families. Some of my favorite details from the day include; Ed's son Jayden's break dancing moves, and Shelby's dad's AMAZING and perfectly restored '67 Oldsmobile as the newlywed car. Everything was so photogenic and perfect, and I am so honored to have captured these beautiful memories. 

The day didn't start so smoothly! Ed spent the morning at the local Urgent Care after loosing his voice completely. Amazingly he powered through! Jen and I met with them a few hours later, beginning with getting ready. Shelby and her closest ladies convened at her parent's home in Montgomery. Ed and his family were nearby at the Holiday Inn Express. Next we met for their first look at Winding Hills Park. I loved how Shelby and Ed stood back to back, hand in hand, still for a moment before their unveiling. Soon after immediate families arrived and we covered some group portraits. 

Next we drove down the road back to where Shelby got ready. I took advantage of the beautiful property and captured some more portraits. Soon after, we were on our way to Brick Reformed Church. I loved the warm, homey atmosphere and ambient light. Afterwards, Shelby and Ed packed into the '67 Oldsmobile and drove off to the reception venue, cheering as they sped off.

After the ceremony, the reception began further down the road at Spruce Lodge. As soon as we arrived the party started. The dance floor was immediately over powered by Jayden's ridiculous (and surprisingly talented) break dancing moves. The momentum never stopped. I particularly loved Shelby's sister Danielle's speech. She needs to consider standup. 

The night ended with a hilarious impromptu performance made by Shelby's cousin. The floor was packed with dancers clapping along to the music when suddenly the floor parted like the Red Sea - her cousin scooted down the floor, on his butt, somehow rhythmically! I was impressed. After dozens of weddings, I have never seen anything like it. 

Thank you to Shelby and Ed for trusting me to capture your amazing day. 

DJ and Photobooth services provided by DJ E Rock Entertainment.
Makeup by Meghan C. Esposito.