Jolene at Coney Island

Some people move with the wind, others stay stagnant. Jolene does what she wants, when she wants, wherever that is. When you have a close friend that comes and goes, you learn to accept that for what it's worth, and find the beauty in their comings and goings. For now, Jolene is based in Brooklyn, just down the street from me. If you looked at her past over the last few years, you may have found her in Oakland California, Seattle Washington, or even in New York City. As I write this, she is in Los Angeles - and I only photographed her three days ago. That is how it goes with her. At some point during our shoot, Jolene sighed and said, "I'm so glad to be home." While I credit her gypsy nature, I love having her around, and am thrilled to have captured her in her personal description of home.