Kara and Bryan's Wedding!

On Saturday August 2nd, 2014, I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding that has easily been 15 years in the making. Since middle school, Kara and Bryan have been the best of friends. To be asked to capture their wedding after watching their bond unfold over all these years was a true honor. Their day consisted of a ceremony held at Holy Cross Church in Slate Hill New York, followed by a small group stop at the Atlas family horse farm to visit with Kara's grandmother who was unable to attend. Afterward, everyone convened at The Eagles Nest where a fabulous reception ensued. Between Kara's dress which was lovingly handmade by her mother (as well as her niece's dress and nephew's vest!) the coloring books Kara created to entertain the little guests, a beautiful toast Mr. Atlas gave in memory of his father who passed just days before, Princess Leia and Hans solo cake toppers (I remember their joint love of Star Wars back in middle school!) and the exquisite centerpieces and floral work made to resemble a painters palette designed by The Floral Cottage, every detail of the day was perfectly executed. Additionally, a year earlier on the same date, Bryan's twin brother Liam married his lovely wife Liz; a perfect testament to synchronicity if I do say so myself. The Joe Gattuso Band kept the party moving with incredible live music, DJing and MCing - there was never a dull moment!


Special thanks to my backup photographer Samantha Seeley of Sweet Remedy for her coverage.


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