Sometimes, if you're lucky, in the wake of a tragedy something beautiful can unfold. A month (to the day) after Dottie's passing, a beautiful golden dog showed up in the front lawn of one of Dottie's supporters in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Megan, a passionate supporter of Dot's journey, came across the large bloodied pup laying in her front yard. Obviously injured; Megan knew that animal control wasn't an option. Moving quickly, she and her fiancee loaded the dog into their brand new car (that they literally got the day before!) and hauled to the nearest 24/7 vet. Knowing that Ashley would be a proactive contact, Megan got in touch with her right away. Within hours, Ashley was sharing the story of this dog with her network of fans from Dottie's Facebook page. Immediately, Ashley touch based with Kristin, a friend and neighbor that was originally interested in adopting Dottie. (Sadly, Dot wasn't able to be placed in Kristin's care as she didn't get along well with Kristin's pug, Fenway.)

As it turns out, the dog (Megan was calling her Grace at the time) had been hit by a car and suffered moderate abrasions.  When she was released from the hospital, Grace went straight to Kristin's home with her husband Joe, son Josiah, and Fenway. During the last ten days, Grace (renamed Asha, sanskrit for "Hope") settled into her new home flawlessly.

I decided I wanted to photograph Asha and her family (rescue family and forever home) to celebrate such a happy ending. It's been hard to comprehend the loss of Dottie, and Asha's story brings me some resolve, personally. All of the efforts from Dottie's rescue laid the path to saving Asha, and that in itself is a major inspiration to me.

To Megan and Tim for their swift compassion, to Kristin, Joe, Josiah and Fenway for opening their home to this lucky lady, to the Affrunti's for setting the stones and putting everything in motion, and most importantly, to Asha, who truly couldn't be luckier.


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