Stephanie & Nic's Central Park Engagement Shoot!

This past Sunday was the most beautiful fall day I've experienced here this season; it's been such a wild ride in New York lately with all of the crazy weather and I feared we wouldn't have any days like this left this year. I was incredibly lucky to share the sunshine and fall colors with a newly engaged couple that I immediately liked, Stephanie and Nic. Sharing a mutual friend, I had a feeling we'd get along great. Stephanie is a lawyer by day (often defending artists!) and a singer/song writer in her spare time. She shared with me this video of a recent performance that I think captures her beauty and charisma perfectly. Nic is an architect/designer who is so talented, he has actually exhibited at both MoMA and Guggenheim. Stephanie and Nic's creativity and love for each other was almost palatable, and left me in awe. After each shoot, I said out loud "lovely" until I was literally annoyed with my redundancy. Since Nic proposed to Stephanie in Central Park, we decided to spend the day checking out their favorite spots and visiting the reservoir where Nic proposed. Take a look at these magical photos documenting a LOVELY day.


My personal favorite!

Spot Nic proposed!

Stephanie almost slipped!

But Nic helped her regain her balance.

Outside of Guggenheim, where Nic once exhibited.

Lady and the Tramp style.

Steps of The Met, where Stephanie composed herself after Nic proposed.