H. Family Preview!

Right before I went on vacation, I worked on a super fun shoot for my friend Risa's extended family. Risa, her mom Gay and stepdad Bill, and her four step siblings and their families were my subject. I drove up to the Rockland County/NJ border to Gay and Bill's new house. Her family lives all over, so having everyone (except her sister-in-law, Jessica) in one place was a big event. I spent the afternoon coordinating family shoots and capturing candid moments - it was a blast. The best part was definitely all of the grandkids! Three out of four of Risa's siblings have daughters under a year old. They all had wonderful personalities and were beyond cute. Image Corinna gives Josie a kiss on the cheek.

Image Billy, Erin, Claire, Risa & Danny.

Image Corinna, Josie, Owen, Lahna, Elise & Juliette.

Image Corinna and Jason are totally twins.

Image My personal favorite photo of the day. 

Image I'm not exaggerating when I say Josie is the most enthusiastic clapper I've ever met! She was so happy and literally clapped in almost all of the photos I took of her!

Image Gay, Risa, Diana and Bill.

Image Risa and Diana are the cutest.

Image Greg & Owen play a little catch.

Image Danny and Lahna!

Image Claire, Owen & Greg.

Image Owen was running around barefoot.

Billy surrounded by his lovely ladies.

So pretty!